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What is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment on the market?

hemroid treatmentsThere are numerous hemorrhoid treatments on the market that work and some that do not. A study has been conducted to find the most effective treatments for internal, external, and bleeding hemorrhoids. Consumer Health Reports has researched over 100 of the leading brands on the market today. They narrowed it down to 5 hemorrhoid treatments: ClearMed, Preparation H, Venapro, Zenmed, and Avatrol. A survey was conducted for these important criterias: Effectiveness, Quality, Value, Reorder Rates, Safety & Customer Service. From the survey, most people chose ClearMed as the top hemroid treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids, internal & external hemorrhoids. ClearMed was also chosen by customers with severe hemorrhoid conditions and severe pain.

ClearMed Rated #1 Hemorrhoid Treatment for 2010 by Consumer Health Reports.
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Effectiveness and safety based on ingredients: bleeding hemorrhoids

ClearMed has been the top hemorrhoid treatment 3 years in a row. Consumer Health Reports found that ClearMed had the most positive user feedback (based on over 250 customers reporting).The customer approval rating was 95.9% for 2009. ClearMed continues to help people with their bout with painful hemorrhoids. ClearMed received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from a 2009 survey report conducted on the internet. Customers of ClearMed claimed their hemorrhoids cleared up within 1 week. Even the editor of Cosumer Health Reports swears by this product after usage.The ClearMed product has finely milled preparations that works well together to with pain and hemorrhoidal swelling. ClearMed also received very good feedback for helping bleeding hemorrhoids as well.The ClearMed company has been established since 1999 with a solid track record. ClearMed is completely safe with no reported side effects.

Value for the Price: hemroids

They ClearMed product starts at $39.95 for a treatment cycle. This is certainly a very good value for your money when you consider that hemorrhoids typically clear up within a week. Some of the newer products on the market are trying to duplicate ClearMed, and they start at about $50.00 for treatment. Recommended to stay with ClearMed for better value and superoir preparation. ClearMed also offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Verdict: This ClearMed product has it all. Highly Effective, Good Value, Hight Quality, 93% Reorder Rate, and Good Customer Service. ClearMed is an all around quality product for hemorrhoid sufferers that`s affordable.

    Hi. My name is John, and I am a 24-year old student at the University of Cambridge, Department of Medicine. During my life I have dealt many times with hemorrhoids. My father and my grandfather also suffered from this disease, as well as many other friends of mine.

A picture with me and my girlfriend

    There where times when I was trying to find out more about hemorrhoids, but the sites that I found on internet were filled with commercials and ads. I decided to build this site as a complete hemorrhoid resource on internet, so that people like me find what they need. Recently, I added a forum; take a look if you would like to interact with other people, you will always find help and advices on our site.

    Very few diseases are referred to by so many names as Hemorrhoids. These are some of the variants of the name that are used by people searching for information on the disease, its causes and symptoms, cures and treatments: piles (used to describe this disease for more than a century, an alternative name), hemroids (the most common misspell, used often by people), hemorhoids (with a single 'r'), hemorroids (without the silent 'h' in the middle). Other common typo's might be: hemmroids, hemoroids, hemeroids, hemerroids, hameroids, hammeroids, hemmoroids, hemmeroids, hemmorhoids and hemorrhoides.

    You may ask what is correct spelling, it is of course, hemorrhoids - a common name in some medicine circles. Occasionally, haemorrhoids is also used, especially by doctors. The last one is an older term, seldom used in medical publications.

    According to some estimates, 40% to 50% of people all over the world, who are more than 50 years of age, suffer from this disease. This does not mean that younger people can't get it. There is just less probability and another interesting thing, more males then females suffer from hemorrhoids. Most cases of ladies affected by hemorrhoids are associated with the increased pressure on the anal region caused by the pregnancy. In the USA, for example, the prevalence is about 4.4%. In a year, almost half a million people in the U.S. are treated for hemorrhoids, with 10 to 20% of them requiring surgeries.

Hemorhoids picture

    Another fact is that all of us have hemorrhoids and it is perfectly normal to have them, but only when they are noticeable - they don't remain out of sight, and show signs and symptoms, we say that the person has hemorrhoids. But don't worry: there are companies like ClearMed that offer a proven natural product for hemorrhoids. Check out their hemroid treatment.

    In almost all the cases, hemorrhoids are embarrassing. When they first show themselves, the usual reactions are fear, shock and concern. Hemorrhoids appear when the fibers, tissues, arteries and the muscles containing blood vessels become disturbed. It causes bleeding through the anus while passing the stool. One common symptom of hemorrhoids is the bleeding. The blood that comes out is bright red in color and not the usual dark red. This would seem to most of us very strange, and we could panic even more. Actually, this happens because of the presence of the arteries in the area. Dark red blood is found in the veins, not the arteries. What you see is arterial blood and due to the presence of the arteries in the anal area, bleeding can be quite severe.

    The important thing at this moment is to calm down. All hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels and for most people, they are easily cured or relieved. We have built this site to provide you all information about hemorrhoids and to help you through this 'not so good' period of your life. In right we have an old English painting. You can see in the left corner a hemorrhoid surgery.

Old hemorhoid surgery picture

    If using suppositories or a cream for treating hemorrhoids, especially for reducing the pain and itching symptoms, you may want to consider Anusol-HCョ. In most cases, dilated veins may go away but merely give you any relief until the precipitating cause is eliminated and the body can heal itself. The most effective cream contains hydrocortisone (e.g., Anusol-HCョ[2.5%]) or some other steroid. They may only be available by prescription, although there are many preparations with low doses of steroids (1% hydrocortisone) that do not require prescription that you can find at your local drugstore.

    In most cases, having hemorrhoids is an embarrassing problem; we usually are most sensitive about that part of our body. The last thing we want to do is talk to people about it; even friends are mostly out of the question. Even talking to doctors about hemorrhoids can sometimes be embarrassing. There are some cases where the shame may be amplified even more, if we believe we have caused hemorrhoids through a sexual act. Unfortunately, many patients who initially seek relief through the use of a nonprescription product will need to refer to a physician. You have to understand that doctors and surgeons are discussing the topic of hemorrhoids almost every day with their patients (because hemorrhoids are very common), they are interested in telling you what to do and think of the problem professionally, not personally. The most important thing is to get the correct diagnosis and hemorrhoid treatment options, and this can be achieved only by talking with your doctor and telling him every symptom that you have. Self-diagnosis of hemorrhoids is difficult, and NOT RECOMMENDED. A non-medical person may confuse hemorrhoids with other things like: abscess, warts, anal fissure, anal prolepses or even cancer. We have a site section included to assist you, but medical examination is strongly suggested. Patients should consult their physician if nonprescription treatments do not resolve the problem within seven days.

    The standard hemorrhoid classification is dependent on the point of origin of the problem. There are mainly 2 types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. When hemorrhoids appear outside the anus, they are referred to as external hemorrhoids (they originate below the dentate line). This is easier to identify, usually from the bleeding and itching. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the rectum and, needless to say, since there are no symptoms from the outside, they are harder to identify. One way to get a suspicion of those is from the bleeding that may come while passing stool.

    Another classification would be thrombosed hemorrhoids and prolapsed ones. When there is a blood clot in the anal area due to a rupture, the condition is known as thrombosed hemorrhoids. This happens only from external hemorrhoids and when the internal hemorrhoids extend to such an extent they jut out from the anus, then they are known as prolapsed hemorrhoids.

    One more reccomendation would be to use natural altenatives like acai berry for increasing your health levels. Now that we have covered all aspects, we will detail them on the other sections of our site.